Case Study – Swisscom

solvatio Self Service: an intuitive, powerful tool for self service at Swisscom AG

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies, is headquartered in Ittigen. Outside Switzerland, Swisscom offers broadband Internet in Italy with Fastweb.

Swisscom AG aims at reducing customer support costs through the introduction of self-service without compromising the existing high support quality.

Using the new “Quick Check” tool, Swisscom customers can now resolve issues themselves through simple visual step-by-step instructions. In addition, the tool features tailored upgrade offers, a home device configuration assistant, smart triage to Swisscom service employees and appointment booking.

With just a few weeks into service the new Quick Check tool already reached a channel share of 20%, an impressive rate after such a short period of time. Usage rates are expected to raise even further over the coming months, so the Quick Check tool will become a valuable element of Swisscom AG’s digital service footprint.