solvatio Integrates A1 Field Service into Assurance E2E Process

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solvatio integrates A1 field service in the Assurance E2E process

A1 Telekom Austria, the leading telecommunication provider in Austria, operates its own network for mobile and fixed line telephone services. A1 identified huge cost savings potential by extension of the E2E support chain by an integrated field service client.

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Extension of the E2E support chain

Major components of the solvatio solution currently used by A1 were integrated in the new mobile client and enhanced by additional features (indication of the service infrastructure [topology], measuring results and end device settings).

A1 was able to replace several separate tools for the A1 field service. Thanks to the standardized tool, the cooperation between back office and field service is now much more efficient.

Read our case study


“Following the standardization, information on new router models, A1 products and new technologies (such as fiber optic cables) are available simultaneously for IVR, 1st level, 2nd level and the field service because the same modules are available for multiple uses.”


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