solvatio Smart Analytics Helps Transform Sunrise‘s Customer Service

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Smart Analytics

Due to a lack of transparency about important business KPIs it was difficult to efficiently manage customer support. Moreover, in the scope of problem management it was not possible to systematically identify and eliminate root causes.


The solvatio Analytics & Reporting

The solvatio Analytics & Reporting Framework allowed for the first time to provide significant KPIs for the customer support management as well as for problem management.

solvatio Analytics has fundamentally improved technical support by enhancing process efficiency, resolution quality and customer experience.

Read our case study


„The new solvatio Reporting is a big step forward for our organization. We have gained a deeper insight into the different use cases and root causes of the technical support and can define appropriate actions to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Based on the current deployment we are looking forward to collaborate with iisy to further drive mission critical Key Performance Indicators and reshape our organization.“


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