solvatio® SELF-SERVICE an intuitive, powerful tool for self service at Swisscom AG

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solvatio Customer Self Service: intuitive tool

Swisscom AG is the major telecommunication provider and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland. By introducing a customer self-service solution, the company intends to reduce the customer support costs without any compromise on quality. The new customer self-service solution “Quick Check” provides Swisscom customers with easy, visual step-by-step solutions so that they can troubleshoot their problem on their own. The new application also gives customers access to targeted upgrade offers, end device assistants, intelligent triage to Swisscom agents and booking of firm appointments.

Powerful tool in the online self-care strategy of Swisscom AG

Now, Swisscom customers can initiative complex diagnoses and solve their issues on their own. In the startup phase following the launch of the new self-service tool, approx. 20% of the customers who wished to contact technical support opted for the online channel (Channel Share).

The new self-service solution is a major component in the implementation of the digitalization strategy of Swisscom AG.

Read our case study


“With this solution, we fully reached our goal to give the customers an intuitive tool for troubleshooting and the triage function of the call center. With the Quick Check Customer Self Ticket, we marked an important milestone in our online self-care strategy.“

Titus Torri, Assurance Project & Experience Manager


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