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Migrating an application to the cloud has a plethora of advantages for your business. You gain efficiency, save cost and raise the value of your data. Scalability allows for more flexibility – and a cloud migration also helps in terms of security and reliability. Utilizing our experience, you can ensure your migration goes smoothly. We support you from start to finish: From an initial consultation to actually running the solution.

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise
Improving customer service quality at Sunrise

Every migration is special

Each company has its own individual infrastructure, dependencies, and requirements. A migration must therefore be just as individual. Our certified experts ensure that you not only migrate efficiently, but also avoid stumbling blocks and that you take full advantage of the cloud . Therefore, we follow an agile, incremental approach that has proven successful even in complex migration projects.

You can reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by as much as 40% by migrating your business to the cloud

by Accenture


4 Steps to a Successful Cloud Migration

Assessment and specific consulting

We jointly determine which applications and data should be migrated – considering your business drivers and specific objectives. We evaluate and assess your current IT infrastructure and identify any potential challenges or risks upfront to keep everything plannable. In doing so, we also advise on a relevant cloud provider that meets your requirements in terms of security, compliance, scalability and cost. You give us your requirements – we handle all the relevant cloud details.

Concept and Design

Taking the above into consideration, we develop a cloud architecture that meets your requirements and takes full advantages of the cloud provider’s features and services. Depending on your specific situation, we decide on a concrete approach (Lift & Shift, Hybrid Approach, Re-factoring, Re-Architecting, …) We ensure there is no big bang (unless you want a big bang), but also no vacuum.

Preparing and executing the Migration

Preparation includes determining a data migration strategy that includes data synchronization, replication and backup as well as testing and validating the cloud environment to ensure it meets performance, availability, security requirements and that it can support the applications and services that will be migrated. Lastly, we move the applications and data to the cloud and verify that they are functioning as expected.

Running and optimizing

After the migration, we conduct QA and monitoring to continuously monitor and optimize the cloud environment. That way, we ensure it is delivering the expected performance, availability, and cost benefits, and that it is compliant with relevant regulations and standards. Furthermore, we provide training and documentation to fully empower your staff. If desired, we can also run the application ourselves.

How your business profits from a successful cloud migration

Providing Customer Experiences

Cloud-based applications can be easily scaled up or down based on demand, allowing you to adapt to changing business needs without incurring the costs of hardware or infrastructure upgrades.

Improving Service Quality

Cloud computing eliminates the need for on-premises hardware and infrastructure, reducing upfront capital expenses and ongoing maintenance costs.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

Cloud-based applications can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, enabling remote work and improving collaboration among teams.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

Cloud service providers offer high levels of reliability and uptime, ensuring that applications are always available to users.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

Cloud applications inherit robust security measures and are equipped to handle data breaches and other security threats.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

By taking advantage of distributed computing and other advanced technologies, cloud applications deliver faster performance and better user experiences.

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise

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