solvatio® X


True Value.

solvatio® X BOT SERVICE is the perfect teammate supporting agents or end customers in technical troubleshooting with solvatio® X.

The BOT has an intuitive user interface that is linked with technical knowledge through solvatio® X. Customer requests are pre-qualified and the user is guided through an offer of the most frequent call drivers when entering the BOT. Thus solvatio® X BOT SERVICE delivers added value from the first interaction – in as few steps as necessary.

solvatio® X BOT SRVICEs are in no way monolithic. They can be operated either as stand-alone application or integrated with existing systems and user interfaces. The solvatio® X BOT SERVICE acting as value-generating service channel, enables simple dialog systems to connect to solvatio® X and thus access the technical context. Direct access as well as the architecture of KNOWLEDGE BASE enable solvatio® X BOT SERVICEs to handover information at almost any point – no matter how small or large the action carried out by the BOT was.

Single Source of Truth.

solvatio®X KNOWLEDGE BASE orchestrates the interplay of BOT interactions with data or information from legacy systems, such as CRM or OSS. The rules, scripts or forms stored in the solvatio® X KNOWLEDGE BASE enable the acquisition and organization of this data and information. The BOT has access to this information through solvatio® X and issues qualified results in the diagnosis and elimination of technical problems – a true value-generating supplier in technical troubleshooting.

solvatio®X’s OMNI-CHANNEL capabilities provide service agents with complete insight into actions executed by a BOT and the respective results produced during BOT interaction. Channel switches are  readily supported. Information and results of prior diagnostic actions are consistently available across customer touchpoints, such as SELF SERVICE or call center agents, leading to a significant reduction of customer service efforts.

solvatio® X BOT

True value

True value

The architecture of solvatio® X BOT SERVICE creates real value by linking the content from the KNOWLEDGE BASE with real AI-based actions.

Real AI

Real AI

The NLU/NLP is for us, in contrast to many other providers of simple click bots, only a UI – the machine learning algorithm within solvatio® X makes real AI automation useable within the BOTs.

Intuitive Interaction

Intuitive Interaction

In contrary to linear process-based systems, solvatio®X BOT SERVICE react dynamically to inputs and create a intuitive interactions with the user via clickable options.

The right messaging Service.

solvatio® X supports integration with numerous NLUs, such as Google Dialogflow or Azure LUIS, and can be accessed by end users via various messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or chat on one homepage.

User requests to the BOT get automatically decomposed to their semantic elements for intent recognition and subsequent mapping to respective solvatio® X KNOWLEDGE BASE processes. Depending on the messenger used, solvatio® X can return different visual objects, sound, text or voice information.

Next to providing intuitive speech and free-text entry, solvatio® X BOT SERVICEs drive efficient dialog progression by displaying clickable select options as well as by extensive utilization of media sources. The benefit: rapid and value-generating interactions for efficient problem resolution. Furthermore, solvatio® X BOT SERVICEs help to reduce interaction barriers and knowledge deficits of agents and end customers in technical troubleshooting, boosting problem resolution rates especially in high-volume service environments like first level support.

True AI in a BOT.

By combining solvatio® X automated decision-making and processing of automatically derived results, solvatio® X BOT SERVICEs generate higher self-sufficiency in technical troubleshooting and easier retrieval of information. Next Best Actions (NBA), identified by solvatio® X’s AI-powered decision-making, provide for efficient and time-saving user guidance and troubleshooting. User dialogs powered by solvatio® X are evaluated and refined automatically for continuous NBA optimization.

A solvatio® X BOT SERVICE always delivers the correct answer or question based on the most recently received data – whether to the end user, an inhouse agent or other BOT – and thus generates value on the chat channel.


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