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KNOWLEDGE BASE is the name given to all the information modelled in solvatio® X STUDIO that is required for the diagnosis and repair of system or service malfunctions.

KNOWLEDGE BASE is therefore solvatio® X’s central brain.

KNOWLEDGE BASE serves as the general information source for users. During diagnosis and repair, it inspects its internal as well as external data sources (big data), conducts intelligent, AI-based analysis, controls all interactions across the various user interfaces and coordinates the interaction of the widest possible range of interlinked processes.

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Unlimited possibilities.

The KNOWLEDGE BASE architecture provides knowledge engineers with almost unlimited options for the orchestration of data, processes and interactions – regardless of whether scripts are to be implemented, data acquired or written, metrics taken or predicators created.

There are practically no limits to your creativity in the automation of service processes, maintenance processes or data updates in third-party systems.

As solvatio® X’s brain, KNOWLEDGE BASE is based on a flexible architecture. Connectors in the southbound interface can access practically any internal or external data sources and, following processing, deliver them to practically any target via the northbound interface. The options for implementing AI into your environment are therefore practically unlimited.


Endless scalability

Endless scalability

With its limitless modelling options, solvatio® X KNOWLEDGE BASE provides access to as well as actions on practically any field of application and is thus almost endlessly scalable.

Easily orchestrated

Easily orchestrated

solvatio® X KNOWLEDGE BASE orchestrates data and AI-based processes for efficient technical diagnosis and repair in technical and administrative software landscapes and links AI functionality with existing architectures.

Reliably automated

Reliably automated

solvatio® X KNOWLEDGE BASE automates procedures dynamically and reliably and thereby drastically reduces time spent on repetitive tasks.

Judge, Jury & Executioner.

In KNOWLEDGE BASE, all elements run together – processes, DOMAIN MODEL, config items, intelligent logistics and information and data from either third-party systems or from your own services. With its mastery of these elements, KNOWLEDGE BASE becomes judge, jury and executer in one.

The data required for diagnosis and repair in a technical environment is collected and processed with AI readily applied automatically via existing models. As a result the appropriate actions are propagated to your own system or via interfaces to third-party systems and qualified suggestions are presented to agents, support workers or customers via SELF SERVICE channels.

With this comprehensive functionality, solvatio® X KNOWLEDGE BASE is the central building block for intelligent service automation.

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The sole data source.

KNOWLEDGE BASE centrally processes information and data from a range of sources based on configured processes and thus becomes a general data source for interaction with customers or users.

Dialogues supporting a wide range of service channels (bot, self service, help desk or field service client) are managed centrally in the KNOWLEDGE BASE.

In this way solvatio® X avoids duplicate content management, regardless of whether the content comes from external sources or internal services.


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