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The OMNI-CHANNEL capability is based on solvatio® X’s single source architecture. The KONWLEDGE BASE and automation content orchestrates user interaction from various service channels as well as data interaction with various peripheral systems. Hence no information obtained as part of the diagnostic process is ever lost because it will always be centrally available in solvatio® X.

So whatever actions the customer has carried out, whatever data has been collected by predictive automation or whatever test the agent has initiated: solvatio® X has all the information required and makes full use of it for creating solutions and automating problem resolution.

This accelerates solution finding, increases solution quality and reduces call handling time in your support team, regardless of the customer’s preferred channel.

solvatio X omni channel logo
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Whether problems with the Internet or Pay TV are encountered, a chang of address is required or account settings need to be adjusted, customers want all these things to be taken care of as quickly as possible. This makes accessibility one of the most important features of a service provider’s customer service. So in order to retain customers, it is vital to offer as wide a range of access channels as possible.

With solvatio® X, you can offer your customers automated diagnosis, repair and fulfillment via chat and voice bots, social media, phone, app or web self-service and, despite offering such a broad access to your service, keep the time required for maintaining content in individual channels to a minimum. This strengthens accessibility to your services while requiring minimum maintenance – thus saving time for customers and inhouse agents.

solvatio® X OMNI-CHANNEL

All channels

All channels

The OMNI-CHANNEL in solvatio® X means having all information available on all channels – without incurring extra maintenance effort.

One truth

One truth

The KNOWLEDGE BASE is both the central brain behind the OMNI-CHANNEL capability as well as the gatekeeper of centralised data security in solvatio® X.

Seamless information

Seamless information

Agents have access to a seamless history, regardless of which channel the customer was using and how the information was collected.


Different touchpoints, different places, different times – but always the same problem. The variety of channels used by the customer can make it difficult to resolve problems. With solvatio® X, your service agents will always have access to seamless customer histories, regardless of which channels the customer is using.

No repetitve requests for the same set of data, no duplicate attempts of failed resolutions, and no information lost between agents. In solvatio® X OMNI- CHANNEL not only leads to positive outcomes for your customers but also eliminates duplicate effort across different service units. In this way, solvatio® X creates added value on both sides.

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solvatio X omni channel logo

Full intelligence with less effort.

Regardless of the channel or device your customers uses to contact you, the KNOWLEDGE BASE, and therefore the technology available, remains the same. With solvatio® X you can give your customers direct access to automation and real value based on AI – without incurring extra cost.

Like no other system for diagnosis and repair or for fulfillment, you can place AI usefully in the hands of your customers – and, thanks to the OMNI-CHANNEL feature, use it to add value across the widest possible range of service channels.


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