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AI in the customer’s hand.

solvatio® X SELF SERVICE allows you and your customers to run diagnosis and repairs via web-based or app-based interfaces. Problems can therefore be resolved by customers themselves using diagnostic steps provided in solvatio® X as part of a structured dialogue. For this purpose, solvatio® X uses the same smart technology as it uses for other channels or as is used by inhouse agents in customer service.

With solvatio® X SELF SERVICE, your customers can use automated technical diagnosis, smart AI-based solutions in the form of Next Best Actions (NBA) and automated troubleshooting. This increases not only customer satisfaction but also reduces calls to your contact center.

solvatio X self service logo
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Studio & Forms.

The content for solvatio® X SELF SERVICE is configured in solvatio® X STUDIO, where concepts and interface elements enable the creation and centralised maintenance of content exposable across the various channels.

solvatio® X FORMS enable the content definition of subsequent GUIs of self-service portals. The functional scope of solvatio® X SELF SERVICE is therefore entirely in your hands.

solvatio® X STUDIO also enables you to provide media and other rich content, making it centrally manageable and freely configurable.

solvatio® X SELF SERVICE

AI that works for you

AI that works for you

Provide your customers with valuable tools, enabling them to resolve problems and disruptions themselves.



With solvatio® X, you can adapt the content and functional scope of your SELF SERVICE portal in any way you like.

Single source

Single source

With solvatio® X, you can provide knowledge content for various SELF SERVICE channels.

Fully adaptable.

solvatio® X takes care of the work, organises automation and provides content.

The fun part is up to you. Content defined in the KNOWLEDGE BASE is made available and can easily be accessed by the solvatio®X REST-based NORTHBOUND INTERFACE . This means that there are no limits to the extent to which you can design and integrate value-adding services into your self-service web or app interface.

This enables you to customise as you wish and create user interfaces to your own taste.

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solvatio X self service logo


Not sure how the GUI for your self-service should look like? Or there are no internal resources available for implementing self-service front-ends?

The solvatio® SOLUTIONS department can help you to make best use of solvatio® X, by creating content or user interfaces for your new self-service touchpoints.

During the consultancy phase, you can benefit from our wide-ranging know how, best-practice experience based on numerous projects we have already delivered successfully. During implementation, our UX design and knowledge engineering specialists will support you. This interaction guarantees value-adding solutions and a professional start of your SELF SERVICE portal with solvatio® X.


Are you looking to enhance the efficiency and quality of your technical customer service through artificial intelligence and automation? Get in touch with us to find out more about our solutions, our know-how and your potential to add value through the use of AI – we’re happy to chat about what we do.

  • Diagnosis – with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Troubleshooting – more than 60 million cases per year.

  • Know-How – your project in the hands of pros.
  • Artificial Intelligence – experience to add value.