solvatio® X



Centralised workspace.

ECLIPSE-based solvatio® X STUDIO is the cornerstone for creating knowledge-based content in solvatio® X.

Equipped with an bird’s eye user interface, solvatio® X STUDIO enables you to use tools such as DOMAIN MODEL and ML MAPPER from a centralised workspace and thereby reduces the effort to create and maintain automation and knowledge content – also known as the KNOWLEDGE BASIS.

Next to utilisation of already pre-defined knowledge concepts in integrated solvatio® X solutions, solvatio® X STUDIO also enables you to model automation from scratch, thereby providing a natural environment for experts and knowledge architects.

Easy to use.

Its graphic user interface makes solvatio® X STUDIO an easy-to-use yet powerful tool for automation modelling. Visual modelling via BPMN enables fast and simple use of solvatio® X STUDIO while requiring only minimum initial training.

Pre-built integrated assistants such as solvatio® X FORMS make it easy to apply relevant containers (text, videos, images, tables etc.) within modelled flow. It also enables content configuration of the widest range of front-end GUIs for individual interactive flows directly from solvatio® X STUDIO, hence reducing follow-on design effort required at later stages.

solvatio® X STUDIO



Centralise and reduce your workload using the optimal UI of solvatio® X STUDIO to create automated content.

Easy to use

Easy to use

With drag and drop, BPMN and FORMS creating content for various GUIs becomes childishly simple.

All in one

All in one

Generate, automate, test and debug and deploy – everything in a central workspace that is efficient and tailored to your needs.

“All in one” functionality.

solvatio® X STUDIO centralises your workload and offers comprehensive functionality within one tool. In addition to creating knowledge-based content, the internal solvatio® X STUDIO DEBUGGER also takes care of the necessary tests before solvatio® X STUDIO DEPLOYER transfers newly created content to the production environment. This enables easy-to-apply quality assurance right from within solvatio® X STUDIO.

With solvatio® X ML MAPPER, solvatio® X STUDIO also offers a wide range of options for utilising either internal (Random Forest) or externally integrated machine-learning algorithms, mapping their outputs onto corresponding actions and flows in the solvatio® X KNOWLEDGE BASE. In addition to offering the option to use the widest possible range of machine-learning algorithms, solvatio® X STUDIO therefore also offers easy-to-use options and the ability to assess results within flows.

The solvatio® X INTEGRATION WIZARD also offers the option to generate backend connectors for solvatio® X quickly and easily from existing interface definitions (WSDL). Exchanging data with other services or service environments such as SalesForce, ZendDesk and LivePerson is therefore really easy.

State of the Art.

solvatio® X STUDIO creates a common basis for the creation, maintenance and delivery of knowledge content across the widest possible range of service channels and provides knowledge engineers with an appealing, all-encompassing user interface for the orchestration of automated content.

For experts, solvatio® X STUDIO also enables integration of scripts, supporting the widest possible range of script languages. This enables you to extend and enhance capabilities as your needs require while eliminating barriers to integrate solvatio® X into your existing environments.


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