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“80 percent of brands will be using chatbots for customer interactions by 2020”

solvatio Assistant enables communication service providers to deliver a compelling personalized digital experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle. By combining machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and process automation solvatio Assistant creates a completely new customer experience. Processes, tasks and decision-making can be efficiently automated as part of your business processes with solvatio Assistant. Our digital assistants interact with your staff and customers, analyze data,
derive decisions as well execute actions while continuously learning at the same time thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

With solvatio Assistants you are perfectly prepared to better meet the needs of your customers in order to deliver the personalized service they expect and to promote targeted options which are of real benefit to them. Improved customer service experience will translate into more loyal, value-driven and less cost-sensitive customers. With solvatio Assistants you will gain more profitable customers, reduce customer churn and increase average revenue per user (ARPU). No matter if it is about device configuration, order processing or guided troubleshooting, smart service automation and efficient customer care will deliver higher customer lifetime value.


solvatio Assistant readily supports omnichannel, hence customers are not restricted to reach you by phone only but can also interact with you via chat, voice- or chatbot, web portal, App or social media. You remain in close touch with your customers, seamlessly across all communication channels and devices without any interaction context getting lost. Your customer service staff can proceed with a seamless customer dialogue across multiple channels. Independent from their actual point of access in office or in field service they will always be assisted by a unified and consistent view to back office systems, applications and data sources.


Bots are an important element for smart customer service digitization, ensuring a future-proof customer service experience. Chat- and voicebots, available 24*7, can address multiple customer inquiries at the same time, hence completely eliminating frustrating hold times.

Powered by NLP and artificial intelligence, bots can readily interpret voice and text input in order to provide the correct answers to customer questions. When integrated with existing customer service tickets, data and FAQs the knowledge base and inference capabilities will continuously improve with every new customer inquiry.

With bots your company can provide perfect and cost-efficient customer service around the clock. Bots relieve your service staff from routine workloads, hence allowing your service agents to focus on the resolution of complex cases instead.  Also, bots can substantially increase revenue by automated promotion of targeted cross- and up-selling recommendations.

I have moved and want to update my address.

Hello Martina! You don’t live at Hauptstrasse 24 any longer? I will update your customer account. Please provide me your new address.


The customer always receives the required assistance, all around the clock.  Solvatio Assistant is always up to date with regard to the complete customer history and ensures seamless customer interaction progression. Solvatio Assistant is aware of your customer’s service usage and consumption patterns, so parallel to efficient problem resolution it also promotes targeted add-on services and options in order to maximize customer experience and satisfaction.

With the help of digital assistants your customers can configure their home devices themselves. Digital assistants also help to resolve Internet or WiFi problems by executing detailed diagnostic steps. Routers can be configured via multiple digital channels, firmware updates can be remotely executed and new services ordered online. In case of more complex problems, customers can get immediately connected to a service agent in the contact center.

My Internet isn’t working …

Hello Anja! We detected a major outage in your area. May I extend your mobile data volume for the next 2 hours, so you can surf the Internet on your smartphone instead?


Solvatio Help Desk is an assistant providing contact center agents with a complete overview on all relevant customer information from back office systems, interaction data and all service requests in a single unified view.

Solvatio Help Desk automatically adapts to the skills of the respective service agent, hence exactly providing the assistance required. Your contact center agents obtain a 360-degree view on your customers, enabling them to react more rapidly and target-oriented to customer service requests. The result: minimized customer service costs and maximized net promoter score (NPS).

I will check the Intenet connection of the customer.

I just detected that your router’s firmware is not up to date. Shall I update your router?


Solvatio Assistants can help to substantially optimize the work of your field service technicians. This goes far beyond complex troubleshooting and resolution of network and home access problems. The digital assistant supports in efficient field work reporting and provides competent assistance in answering additional inquiries. Also, communication of your field technicians with back office gets streamlined, allowing you to always serve your customers to the point.

By efficiently assigning work orders to your field service technicians, staff coverage can be improved and work requests addressed in a timely manner. Furthermore, access routes get shortened for your field staff while customer satisfaction is improved due to more flexible on-demand and personalized field service delivery.


Solvatio Assistant helps you to promote products to your customers meeting their specific demands, reduce customer churn and avoid price competition. Improve customer loyalty and generate additional revenue from increased use of existing services or by selling new ones.

80% of your monthly data volume has already been used up. You will probably reach your monthly data limit the day after tomorrow and your Internet connection’s speed will then be reduced.

Can I book additional data volume?

I have added 500MB to your monthly data volume. You should be able to continue surfing at high speed until the end of the month now.


Increased staff productivity.

Automated business processes.

Reduced customer churn.

Stronger customer loyalty.

Improved customer experience.

Proactive action.

Up-/ Cross-Selling.


24/7 Support.

Self Service.

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