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3 Aspects for More Efficiency and Less Cost In Telecoms Customer Support

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Saving money on support doesn’t mean less support. It means doing support right

There are several options for telcos to save customer service costs. The last one should always be the one that negatively affects the CX. Good customer service saves costs by giving each customer exactly what they expect. Not less – but more importantly, not more. Telcos, with the abundance of their systems (OSS, BSS, CRM, …) and the amount of data, have the perfect prerequisites to achieve this balancing act of “saving costs” and “satisfying customers”. Find out in our whitepaper where you can start.

Cost drivers in field service, knowledge management and integration in incident management

Our white paper identifies three major cost drivers in the service of telecommunications companies. What they all have in common is that telcos can not only save money here. At the same time they improve the customer experience, bind them to the company and create unique selling points in an industry that is becoming increasingly similar. The cost drivers are:

  1. Missing trips in field service
  2. Lack of know-how in first-level support
  3. Insufficient technical integration of systems and tools
Read our whitepaper


“Lack of expertise in first-level support causes a rapid escalation to second-level support. The consequences: twice the time and more than twice the cost of higher second-level support salaries”


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