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Leveraging the cloud makes your business more efficient, more agile, flexible, resilient, and opens the door to innovation. But it’s a journey. And no matter where you are on this journey, each step – big or small – needs careful planning and well-oiled execution. solvatio is the partner that supports you all the way. Whether as a guide that sets direction or as traveling companion that accompanies you through thick and thin. We can be just one puzzle piece or the ones that solve the whole riddle with you. Start with a holistic cloud now consulting or jump right into one of our expertise areas.

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise
Improving customer service quality at Sunrise
Improving customer service quality at Sunrise


solvatio CLOUD NOW is the starting point for your next cloud project or entire cloud journey. Our certified, project-experienced experts turn your vision into a concrete plan and remove stumbling blocks on your journey to the cloud. After that, you can get started right away – or take advantage of even more in-depth services in our expertise areas

33% of IT Decision-Makers cite lack of expertise as main reason for cloud project failure

by LogicMonitor


The initial solvatio® CLOUD NOW CONSULTING includes the following steps

Analysis & Assessment

We gather your business objectives, technical requirements, and any constraints that might exist. We take a close look at your current IT landscape to identify opportunities for cloud adoption and potential challenges. This is the foundation we then build upon.

Selection of Cloud Provider

solvatio is experienced in working with cloud service providers of all shapes and sizes, each with their respective strengths and weaknesses. Based on your requirements, budget, and business goals, we select the right one – be it a hyperscaler or a local cloud provider we trust.

Concrete Strategy & Roadmap

During this step, we outline how cloud solutions will be implemented and integrated in existing IT environments. The result is a roadmap including timelines, milestones and expected outcomes to make the process transparent and planable.

Cost Forecast

Considering all previous steps, we work out a detailed list of all relevant costs and expenses that are to be expected.

Data Security and Risk Consulting

As a German IT company, we place particular emphasis on ePrivacy compliance and minimizing any security risks. We ensure that your cloud journey is secure by systematically including topics such as data classification, access control, encryption, compliance, security monitoring, data backup and vendor risk management.

Options for Execution

We don’t leave you on your own when it comes to the actual execution of your cloud project. Within our specialist areas, we support you hands-on or with concrete consulting services – depending on how much you want to do yourself. For more information, dive into the relevant areas below

Our Cloud Specialist Areas

Smooth, End-2-End Cloud Migration Services

Migrate With Ease, Soar in the Cloud

Migrating an application to the cloud has a plethora of advantages for your business. You gain efficiency, save cost and raise the value of your data. Scalability allows for more flexibility – and a cloud migration also helps in terms of security and reliability. We ensure your migration goes smoothly and support you from start to finish: From an initial consultation to running the solution.

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Complete application development

Not just any. YOUR cloud-native solution

Cloud-native applications significantly reduce internal overhead and allow you to flexibly respond to the changing demands of our ever-changing world. We are your go-to partner for cloud-native application development – from consulting, to design and implementation. From your challenge to a cloud-native solution that elevates your business.

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Cloud AI & Machine Learning Services

From data to insights that drive your business

A big – if not the biggest – advantage of the cloud is that data is easier accessible than ever. But its true value only comes to light when put into context. solvatio can help you do that. We prepare your data for big data analytics, help you process it in real time, and leverage the potential of cloud AI services from hyperscalers.

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Operational support by certified cloud experts

Gain traction towards
the cloud

The shift to the cloud is essential for your business. The faster and smoother the journey, the greater your advantage. solvatio helps you exactly where bottlenecks or problems arise. Our certified experts support your project flexibly – be it hands-on or consulting. We are happy to be just what you need.

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DevOps: Fast and reliable software delivery

We leverage DevOps to make you more productive, agile and innovative.

Streamlining software delivery processes allows your organization to pick up pace, guarantee consistent quality and increase reliability and security. DevOps is a methodology that allows your organization to thrive and drive innovations in complex environments. Therefore, we help you to uncover and lift potentials in your software delivery processes.

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Improving customer service quality at Sunrise

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