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Streamlining software delivery processes allows your organization to pick up pace, guarantee consistent quality and increase reliability and security. DevOps is a method that allows your organization to thrive and drive innovations in complex environments. Therefore, we help you to uncover and lift potentials in your software delivery processes.

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise
Improving customer service quality at Sunrise

Due to our background as software solutions provider…

…we know how crucial streamlining software delivery processes is to deliver value in fast paced environments. Our hands-on approach to DevOps enables you to foster agile development, pick up pace and facilitate collaboration across your organization. We uncover potentials, enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for your delivery processes and ensure that DevOps is brought to life through intensive training of your staff.

49% of IT executives state that decreasing the time for business initiatives is the main advantage of the cloud

by Gitnux


We cover multiple areas towards DevOps to give your organization exactly what it needs moving forward

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise


We conduct an extensive assessment of your IT landscape and find out where you have potential to improve operations or the collaboration of IT teams through DevOps.

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise


Through our knowledge and experience with DevOps mechanics, we can develop a concrete plan of action that you can implement either on your own or together with us.

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise


Hands-on operational work and application of relevant cloud techniques (IaC, GitOps, …) by our certified DevOps experts.

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise


We offer DevOps workshops and train your staff with varying levels of flight. We are happy to pass knowledge to enable your organization to thrive off the advantages that DevOps inherits.

Advantages we facilitate for your company through DevOps

Providing Customer Experiences

DevOps facilitates faster delivery of your software products, as your development and operations teams work together to streamline the development process, automate workflows, and reduce lead times.

Improving Service Quality

DevOps promotes cross-functional collaboration between development, operations, and other teams, allowing for faster feedback loops and better communication.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

DevOps practices such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automated testing help you to identify and fix issues earlier in the development cycle, reducing the time and effort required for bug fixes and reducing waste.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

DevOps enables continuous testing and integration, reducing the risk of bugs and ensuring that your software is of higher quality.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

DevOps practices help to ensure that software deployments are consistent, repeatable, and reliable, reducing the risk of errors and downtime.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

DevOps practices enable your organization to scale your software delivery processes to meet changing business needs and demand, without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Scaling Through Omnichannel

DevOps practices enable your organization to scale your software delivery processes to meet changing business needs and demand, without sacrificing quality or reliability.

How we shorten your innovation cycles

Continuous Integration & Deployment

DevOps practices like CI/CD enable rapid testing and integration of new code into your software products, allowing your developers to receive feedback early and often. This means that you release new features and functionality to production more quickly and frequently.

Collaboration & Communication

DevOps promotes cross-functional collaboration and communication, enabling your development and operations teams to work together more closely. Improve feedback loops and ensure that issues are identified and resolved quickly to reduce the time and effort required for bug fixes.


DevOps automation practices reduce your manual processes and streamline workflows, enabling your teams to deliver software products more quickly and with greater consistency. This means that new features and functionality can be deployed more rapidly.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

DevOps encourages the use of IaC, which involves managing infrastructure as code rather than manually configuring hardware and software. This enables you to rapidly provision and deploy infrastructure, reducing the time and effort required for infrastructure changes.

Agile Development

We encourage to implement DevOps alongside agile development practices, which prioritize customer satisfaction and the delivery of working software. Agile development enables organizations to rapidly test and iterate on new features and functionality, shortening innovation cycles and delivering products that meet the needs of your customers and users more quickly

Improving customer service quality at Sunrise

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