solvatio® X

solvatio® X is the product of over 20 years of practical experience in the field of technical diagnosis and troubleshooting in the telecommunications environment. With over 30 million cases resolved annually at the largest telecommunications providers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and Canada, solvatio® is one of the leading platforms for technical fault elimination and is tailored precisely to the needs of its users.

Developed over 20 years ago from a project undertaken by the Chair of the University of Würzburg, solvatio® X consistently pursues the goal of simply and profitably integrating artificial intelligence and automation into the service environments of technical worlds.

With new concepts such as the domain model, the next best actions based on machine learning, and true single source omni-channel technology, solvatio® X drastically increases service efficiency and opens up new and automated fault clearance & service possibilities for companies and their customers on the channels of the future.


solvatio® 10 offers fully automated diagnostics via various channels in the event of a fault. This enables the acquisition of elementary case data necessary for diagnostic purposes without requiring manual processes.

solvatio® 10 automatically uses all necessary internal or external data sources, carries out corresponding measurements or determines the status of various config items (hardware or software), and prepares the data for further processing according to the specifications.

This not only minimises service effort and costs by automating recurring processes, but also guarantees a consistent service experience for your customers and a consistent data screen for your agents.

solvatio® X.



solvatio® X is automatic diagnostics, fully digitised and perfectly integrated.



Modern AI algorithms help to dynamically find automated solutions and skilfully replace static processes..



Smart solution processes for your agents or the end customer in technical self-service – immediate help through automated troubleshooting in solvatio® X.


Data and results diagnosed by solvatio are processed further for automatic solution finding. This is where internal (Random Forrest) or external machine learning algorithms take effect and submit qualified & dynamic solution proposals – “Next Best Actions” – based on other existing case data and solution results.

The solution approaches generated by AI can be offered to both the agent and the end user in self-service.
In addition to the evaluation of solutions and data via AI, solvatio® also enables crowd sourcing for continuous improvement in the quality of the solution proposals, therefore helping to reduce the average call time while maintaining the same quality.


The solution found can be applied directly and automatically with solvatio® – no matter how simple or complex the solution is from a technical point of view. Extensive integration of solvatio® into existing service environments also extends its functionality.

solvatio® enables the interaction of different components, orchestrates finely interlocked elements in the course of the solution and provides informative feedback in the process.

This reduces manual repair processes, unnecessary field service calls through remote maintenance and increases the speed of solutions for the end customer.


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  • Diagnosis – with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Troubleshooting – more than 60 million cases per year.

  • Know-How – your project in the hands of pros.
  • Artificial Intelligence – experience to add value.