Case study

Implementation of solvatio® X into Swisscom

Integrating Machine Learning, Developing Omnichannel,

Improving Digital Customer Experience

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Swisscom is one of the leading Swiss telecommunications and IT companies. Excellent customer service is one of their main goals resulting from their self-perception as a premium provider. For them, it is not enough to understand their customers. Swisscom wants to speak their language.

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Implementation of solvatio® X

Swisscom moved from solvatio® 9 to solvatio® X to reach their aim of speaking the customers´ language. In the process, solvatio® X was embedded in the overall architecture of Swisscom while the knowledge base was transferred into the new system.

“What I appreciate is the possibility to train the system. Through ML, we can learn based on customer feedback and existing solutions.”

– Carl Däscher, Head of Process Implementation & CUC-IT, Swisscom

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Challenges & solutions

With solvatio® X machine learning, omnichannel and thus an improved digital customer experience was implemented by this telecom provider. Swisscom can resolve customer issues even more effectively and sustainably in the future. 

“If we cannot prevent customers from having problems in advance, we want the expert tool to solve them effectively”

– Carl Däscher, Head of Process Implementation & CUC-IT, Swisscom

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  • Better trouble ticket management for all channels
  • Savings in millions (CHF)
  • An operational support system for telecommunication services


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