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smart customer support solutions for telecoms.

solvatio provides leading solutions for automated troubleshooting and malfunction resolutions in technical systems & devices of telecommunication companies. Originally founded as spin-off of the Department for Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science of Würzburg University more than 20 years ago, solvatio continues to push the boundaries of AI for automated data-driven knowledge generation and AI orchestrated troubleshooting.

It is our mission to minimize maintenance efforts, reduce support costs and achieve superior operator and customer experience across all interaction channels. All this while ensuring the provision of excellent technical support and flawless operation, which has long become a competitive differentiator in telecommunication sector.


solvatio® X is a sophisticated expert system for automated diagnosis, AI based solution finding and automated incident resolution in technical environments, whether you want to optimize your technical in-house support using the full platform or offer selected services on a variety of channels.

  • Single Source - a centralized knowledge base for easy maintenance.

  • Omni-Channel - all channels in one tool.

  • Artificial Intelligence - used to add real value.

  • Time 2 Market Boost - through predefined concepts.

  • scaleable – for 1 or 1000 services, repairs, tests or actions.

  • Integrable – add automation and AI to existing software tools.



solvatio® X is a 360° service solution and modular system under the same roof. Whether you are looking for a main service desk for your technical support or just the possibility to add AI functionality and value to your systems and communication channels, solvatio® X offers a AI based automation and troubleshooting in a variety of frontends.

  • Self Service - AI and automation for Web or App.

  • Chat & Voice - End2End interfaces for Self Service.

  • Plug-In - integrated in your existing CRM / Service Desk.

  • Helpdesk - single UI for your agents.

  • Field Service - on site troubleshooting.

  • Bot - single action automation flows.
  • IVR - qualified and AI based triage.


Are you looking to enhance the efficiency and quality of your technical customer service through artificial intelligence and automation? Get in touch with us to find out more about our solutions, our know-how and your potential to add value through the use of AI - we're happy to chat about what we do.

  • Diagnosis - with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Troubleshooting - more than 60 million cases per year.

  • Know-How - your project in the hands of pros.
  • Artificial Intelligence - experience to add value.