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Smart assistants for more productive business processes –
the powerful human- machine synergistic interface.

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Digital intelligent assistants for improved customer experience and higher productivity.

Our product was specifically designed to help you smartly automate procedures, tasks and decisions as part of your business processes. Our digital assistants interact with your employees and customers, analyze data, take decisions, execute actions and continuously learn from each interaction – thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

Smart digital assistants increase performance of your employees and systems in order to improve overall business productivity. Outstanding customer experience translates into superior customer loyalty.

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Intelligence, automation and interaction – all perfectly combined

Our digital assistants seamlessly combine interactions, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) – thereby providing for continuous improvement, evolution and growing efficiency of your digital assistant.

As a total solution provider we take good care of each these aspects and seamlessly integrate our solution into your business processes. Adaptation to new challenges is never a source of concern for us, but our passion. Our digital assistants provide long-term and sustained benefit – for you and for your customers.

Smart, goal-oriented interactions

Our product provides for simple but superior user experience based on smart dialogs and intuitive interactions. Personalized, need-oriented and constantly available on all channels.

Powerful automation

Your business processes can be designed and automated in record time. The result: improved decisions, faster reaction times, more efficient problem resolution, higher precision in execution.

Continuous improvement – thanks to machine learning

Our digital assistants learn from each interaction in order to continuously improve quality of the provided resolutions. Hence experience generated from your business processes can be utilized more effectively.

Added value through data access and analytics

Make best use of your valuable data from business processes for optimized decision-making and continuous business improvement. Gain meaningful and relevant insights into operational aspects and KPIs.

Industries and Solutions

Insurance: digital sales assistant

Create need-based, personalized digital offerings in record time. Support your customers through a completely digitized application process, all the way to automated risk assessment and proposal generation, also including smart adaptive cross-selling. Minimizes your cost of sales, maximizes customer profitability.

Telecommunications: digital self-service

Ensure a trouble-free customer experience competently and in record time. Provide powerful 24×7 self-service to your customers, also including automated root cause analysis and instant repair of communication service problems. Maximizes net promoter score (NPS), minimizes your service costs.

Retail: digital product advisor & sales assistant

The digital product advisor for your customers, creating a perfect and personalized promotional experience. Provide competent product advice to your customers, need-based and personalized, also including integrated adaptive cross- and upselling based on self-optimizing data-based targeting. Creates a superior product experience, maximizes customer loyalty and ensures your sales success.

Manufacturing: digital assistant for quality assurance

Reliably detect and resolve manufacturing defects. Support your employees in quality assurance through powerful digital root-cause analysis of manufacturing defects based on quality testing data, all the way to automatic display of targeted rework recommendations. Minimizes rework costs, reduces scrap and maximizes overall productivity.

After Sales Service: digital service assistant

Resolve plant and equipment faults in record time, thanks to smart digital after sales service. Provide powerful self-help to your maintenance employees or to end customers, based on digitally supported fault analysis and step-by-step guidance to repair of even complex equipment problems. Maximizes plant and equipment availability, minimizes cost of service and ensures a superior customer experience.

Utilities / IoT: digital billing & sales assistant

Digital reporting of consumption data for billing and need-adjusted promotion of alternative service offerings. Support your customers through completely digitized reporting of consumption data, all the way to automated invoice generation and need-adjusted digital promotion of alternative service plans. Minimizes billing costs, maximizes customer profitability.

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