Easy and powerful integration of solvatio with UPC’s IVR

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Easy and powerful integration of solvatio with the IVR by UPC

UPC is a leading communication and entertainment provider in Austria and Switzerland. Internal analyses at UPC’s showed that inquiries about various peripheral systems (such as network infrastructure, customer devices) greatly prolong the time needed to diagnose the customer’s issue, negatively affecting call handling time and customer experience.

How CSPs can boost first level support and their support ticket system

After the linking of solvatio to the IVR, peripheral system queries and analyses are carried out in the background while customers wait for a call agent to take over their issue.

By integrating solvatio with UPC’s IVR, it was possible to reduce the call handling time by 20% because the peripheral system queries had been completed in most cases before the call agent took the call. This also improved the customer experience.

Read our case study


“While the customers wait for a call agent to take their call, solvatio automatically completes time-consuming queries in the background”


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