Key Technologies for a Great Customer Service Journey

Our Questionnaire for Communication Service Providers Will Show you Which Technologies Are Key for Bringing your Customer Service to the Top

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Game Changer CX: How Omni-Channel and Co. Can improve your communication with customers

In the course of the digital transformation, it is not only in telecommunications that customer service and CX become a differentiator as the services of different providers converge. Compared to other industries, telcos have the greatest potential to increase their profits through CX – and can even draw on a wealth of customer data to do so. These are the best prerequisites for accompanying the Customer Journey with corresponding innovations and technology trends. Our white paper introduces you to a selection of these innovations – and explains how they can help shape a positive CX.

Your service can benefit from these CX trends

  • Single Source and Data Lake: Dissolves data silos, enables 360-degree views of the customer, personalized information and real-time access to stored information
  • Omni-Channel: Customers can switch flexibly between support channels and save time, while service staff have full transparency of all actions
  • Automation: Reduce staff workload and response time, while freeing up time for more complex customer inquiries
  • Artificial intelligence: Customers can help themselves with higher quality or be proactively supported – service employees benefit from recommendations for action
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„CX is what consumers can still differentiate once they‘re all using the same network technology.“


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