These 4 Technologies Improve Customer Experience in Telecom

Technological Trends For a Better Customer Experience during Incident Management

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Improve Your Communication With Customers

In the course of the Digital Transformation, the following applies especially to Telecommunications companies: When services of different providers converge, customer service and CX become differentiators. Compared to other industries, Telecoms even have the greatest potential to increase their profits through CX – also because they can access a whole host of customer data for this purpose. These are the best prerequisites for accompanying the Customer Journey with corresponding innovations and technology trends. Our white paper covers a selection of these technologies – and explains how they shape a positive CX and improve customer service.

These CX trends shape modern Telecom-service

  • Single Source & Data Lake: The dissolution of data silos enables a 360-degree view of customers and thus personalized information and real-time access to all information.
  • Omni-Channel: Keyword CX: Customers can switch freely between different support channels. This saves them time, while service employees have full transparency of all actions – whether carried out by customers or other agents.
  • Automation: If frequently recurring service requests are automated, this reduces the effort for employees. At the same time, processing time is reduced, giving agents more time for more complex customer inquiries..
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI creates a double added value: service staff can rely on well-founded recommendations for action, while customers either help themselves with high quality or are even proactively supported.
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„CX is what consumers can still differentiate once they‘re all using the same network technology.“


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