Reducing Truck Rolls: 3 Effective Ways for CSPs to Optimize Dispatches

How to make Field Service in Telecoms more efficient

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Technicians in field service benefit from knowledge management of agents

The number of field service assignments is extremely high, especially in the telecommunications industry: one incumbent makes about 20,000 trips per day – a considerable number. If you then add the costs of a field service assignment, you arrive at an impressive 7-digit amount per year. This is where our whitepaper comes in: To minimize unnecessary field service calls, the support team needs to understand where the problem for a technical malfunction actually lies. Only then unnecessary escalations from first level to field service can be avoided.

Machine Learning and Business Intelligence create more effective Field Service Management

From logged data records of previous incidents and field service assignments, conclusions can be drawn. That way it is possible to make forecasts for future trips and to optimize field service assignments at the same time. The use of machine leraning is predestined for this purpose. Of course, feedback of the deployment data and results is essential here. To do this, companies have to establish processes to ensure the feedback of data into technical systems.

Read our whitepaper


” A medium-sized telecomunnications provider with approximately 450,000 customers generated approximately 50,000 missions in 2017 due to service disruptions. That caused a cost of about 5 million euros.”


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