7 steps towards data-driven CX, ITSM requirement and the customer-commited view

The couscous method

Generate facts out of customer feelings with big data

Good CX needs valid data and evokes positive feelings in the customer. Telcos are in a strong position through their good set of data, consisting of OSS/BSS data, data about a product, mobile usage, and network performance. This is a solid basis, but the couscous is a bit bland.

Spices are missing: the feelings of the telco customers, regarding the service, the products, etc. And this is where the couscous method comes in! It helps to generate facts from customers’ feelings and turn them into tangible data. It helps to give the CX the spice it needs.

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How ITSM enables everyone to be the customer

Telecoms that prosper with CX have a holistic, customer-committed mindset. This not only includes measuring KPIs of customer experience and satisfaction like FCR (First Clear Rate) or CRR (Customer Retention Rate). 

It’s about gathering attributes, creating a customer DNA and allowing everyone – from call agent to CEO – to take the customer’s view. So, the eBook deals with solutions, that the IT-service-management (ITSM) has to provide.

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Telecoms CX challenges are chances for data analytics

This eBook also addresses CX challenges for telecoms, for example the saturated market or network management problems. Despite those, telecoms and CX are a great match as their services generate essential CX data from field service, call center data, user behaviour data and so on. 

Four data-driven CX use cases demonstrate the possibilities by orchestrating and using this data: Video customer support, preventive maintenance, network management & optimization, consumer upgrading.

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